#BikeCommuteAdventure – Promote Bike Commuting by Sharing the Story of Your Route

3 Questions:

  1. Do you ride your bicycle to work?
  2. Do you carry a smart phone with you?
  3. Are you on social media?

If you answered yes to the 3 above questions, you are well qualified to participate in #BikeCommuteAdventure.

A few years ago, after I’d moved to a new house here in Tucson, I was enjoying exploring all of the bike route options for getting to CampfireCycling.com.  I blogged about it at the time, not realizing how much my route would continue to evolve.

Refining the finer points of a daily bike route is where the fun really starts.  With a somewhat basic route in place, there are often problematic areas that benefit from refinement. Figuring out how to get over a busy road, finding a shortcut through a closed off neighborhood, or working out the shortest path through a parking lot are all engaging puzzles to solve.

A great bike route should balance safety, efficiency and scenery, with safety at the forefront of course.  As I settled in, I was lucky to have quite an interesting and scenic route. So much so, that I was inspired into thinking about the story of bike route.  I started taking photos along my route and then thought of weaving this story together with the hashtag #BikeCommuteAdventure.

Now I am hoping to inspire other bike commuters to share the story of their routes.

Why Share your #BikeCommuteAdventure?

  1. Inspire others to bike commute!
  2. Develop and share knowledge about safe, enjoyable bicycle routes.
  3. Why not? Its fun and easy and it wakes you up to the subtle beauty of your daily commute.
  4. We’ll further amplify your commuting story, retweeting the best posts on BikeShopHub’s Twitter.

Get Started with Sharing the Story of Your Commute

  • You’ll need an account on Twitter, Strava or Instagram.  Or you can do it on two or three at once.
  • Take a photo with your smart phone each day along your route.
    • Start with a photo of leaving from your house and each day proceed a little bit further to interesting points along your route.
  • At the end of your ride share the photo and a description of the point of interest.
  • Use the hashtag #BikeCommuteAdventure.
    • You might also want a 2nd hashtag to distinguish your commute.  I used #CommuteDeBSH for mine.
  • Here is an example of how to share:
    • Day 1 of my #BikeCommuteAdventure, Getting my bicycle out of the garage.

And Finally, My Route #CommuteDeBSH

Sharing my route was a bit of work in progress.  I started by just posting it to my Strava account, but then quickly started sharing it on BikeShopHub’s Twitter as well.  I shared on the BikeShopHub Instagram a few times, but didn’t keep up with it consistently.

To check out my full route, see my hashtag #CommuteDeBSH sorted by latest.  Scroll to the bottom and then scroll back up to see it chronologically. (Note: I did miss sharing my Day 1).

After I started sharing on Twitter, one of our followers Susanna Leino, joined in on the fun and shared her route on the  #BikeCommuteAdventure hash tag as well as her own hashtag #biketoworkblog.  Her involvement helped inspire the idea to get even more bike commuters in on the fun.

Here are the highlights from my#BikeCommuteAdventure …

Day 1: It all begins at the storage shed everyday, getting the bicycle loaded and ready to go.

Day 3: Goodbye to the house and I’m off.

Day 7: Going past the Arizona Inn

Day 13: Past the streetcar stop. Don’t get a big head.

Day 18: Past Old Main

Day 21: Past Party Central on University Ave.

Day 26: The Rogue Theater

Day 33: Through the big, empty solar parking lot

Day 34: Past the PreSchool with Tucson House looming

Day 35: Through the barbed wire gap

Day 39: Crossing Grant

Day 40: Abandoned Trailer Park Wasteland

Day 41: St. Michaels Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church

Day 47: Another day of selling Ortlieb Bags (for both Bicycle & Rider)

See the whole deal at my routes #CommuteDeBSH

Share your bicycle commute route at #BikeCommuteAdventure

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