Adjusting to the New Commute

A few weeks ago, I moved from a house where I had a very simple bike commute (I rode straight down one road for 3 miles) to house located such that there are a wide array of route options.

The rig in front of the new house

As I began exploring these various routes, I was reminded how enjoyable it is to optimize a bike commuting route. Tucson is laid out on a grid and my new house is 3.5 miles east and 2 miles south of This equals hundreds of potential zig-zag options across the grid.

On the way

Finding the perfect route is only the start of the fun. Then I get to begin to explore a variety of alternative routes. Routes for things like going past some shop or just getting a change of scenery.

Riding Past UMC

Finally, the real fun of getting a new bicycling route is to learn all the nitty gritty little details of how to handle it just perfectly. From the very start of the ride, getting things underway to arriving at work and parking your bicycle, your bicycle commute becomes like a dance and for many the best part of the day.

Arriving at Work
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