From Getting Started to Breaking the Law – The Sept.2017 Commute by Bike Roundup

For this first edition of the Commute by Bike News Roundup, I’ll be presenting the life of the bike commuter chronologically.

That takes us back to when our two-wheeled adventures began …

The Birth of the Bicycle by Alex Q Arbuckle on August 29, 2015

So we have bicycles, now what are we supposed to do with them.  Ride them to work! someone shouts from the back of the theater.  Not a bad idea… Not a bad idea at all.

But why? someone else shouts.  Here are a couple of recent articles motivating you to bike commute.

#1 Save Some Money

How Much You Can Save If You Commute By Bike by Katherine Ross, Paul Reynolds and Jen Chou

#2 Develop a Regular Exercise Habit for Your Health

Forget all the other reasons you should be riding a bike. This is the one that matters  by Tom Babin on August 9, 2017

Now that you’ve been convinced, let’s get on with it.  You are going to need a bicycle.

What’s the best bike for commuting by Michelle Arthurs-Brennan on August 9, 2017

And assuming that you’re a lawyer, you’ll need an appropriate bicycle bag

10 Professional Bags for Bike-Commuting Lawyers by Lisa Needham on August 29th, 2017

In the odd chance that you are not a lawyer, but instead you are a fashionable woman (or other gender, no judgement here), this article contains some tips and recommended gear for maintaining your fashion while riding.


Ok, you’ve been convinced, you’ve been bicycle’d and accessorized.  You did it!  What happened?  Well these folks will tell you.

I Tried Bike Commuting Every Day For a Week, and This Is What Happened by James Hart on May 17, 2017

First Week Bike Commuting: What I Learned by Robert Pursell on August 21, 2017

Now that you’re an experienced bicycle commuter, lets get down to what its really like out there on the road.

Cycling to Work: Seven Things No One Tells You When You Start Commuting On A Bicycle by Jo Di Paolo on September 13, 2017

And you’ve become such a hardened cyclist you’re now doing things like NOT always wearing your helmet (gasp) and judiciously breaking traffic laws.

Most of the time I ride a bike, I wear a helmet. But not always. Here’s why. by Tom Babin on July 19, 2017

Bicyclists learn from bicyclists to break traffic laws. But perhaps the law should learn from them, researcher says. by Frederick Kunkle on September 8, 2017

So what’s it like out there for our fellow bike commuters across the US?  The league of American Bicyclists was publishing some updated data this week.

Bike Commute Growth Has Leveled Off – But Some Cities Still Show the Way by Ken Mcleod on September 14, 2017

It’s clear Portland was not happy with their numbers as they had to stroke their beards and reckon with their first decline in some time.

Bike commuting growth slips and Portland adds 11,000 more commutes by car by Michael Anderson on September 14, 2017

Finally, we’ll take a left turn to news from the more incidental, less dedicated form of bike commuting, bike sharing.  Here’s a story about bike sharing start-ups being billed as Uber for bikes with their new dockless bike sharing stations being deployed in Seattle.

‘Uber for bikes’ is here, and traditional bike-sharing companies are feeling the heat by Tom Babin on September 8, 2017

Do you know of any noteworthy, interesting bike commuting stories that we missed from the last month or so?  Please do share them in the comments below.

Or if you have any recent personal bike commuting adventures to share we’d love to hear about those as well.

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