Proviz Reflect360 Jacket – Elvis is in the Building!

If you ride your bike everyday like I do, your cycling jacket is super important. Not for just for warmth and protection from the elements, but in the case of the Proviz Reflect 360 Plus for additional visibility.

This sweet jacket not only looks cool, it lights up like a Christmas Tree when even the smallest light hits it! Motorists will not only notice you, they may call Mulder and Scully landing you on the next X-Files.

[Video Transcription]

Hi, I am Josh with Campfire Cycling. I am wearing a Probiz Reflect 360 plus jacket. I got this great jacket and it has been my favorite jacket of all time and I cannot stop wearing it! I wear it everywhere! The reason why is it makes me look like Elvis! The real reason is it makes me super-reflective, its a great feeling to know where ever I go I can bee seen because of 360 degrees reflective material.

Not only is it reflective, I was out in the rain today and it works well in all-conditions, its breathable and has great features. It is a cycling specific jacket, everything about it is cycling specific. Nice front the chest that are easily accessible and a great place to keep your glove or phone handy. Big zip pocket on the back. For reference this is a large jacket. On the inside of the jacket there is breathable material inside.

It makes me feel like Superman! Alright, I am going to do a little demonstration…

Don’t worry, it’s just a Gerber, see.

Hey! What are you looking at?!

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