Spandex Commuting? You just need to be a Nutcase!

Nutcase helmets are probably one of the best bike helmets we sell. Depending on your personality, Nutcase will have a helmet that will fit your head and style. Nutcase is a helmet that is used for touring or for commuting to work. Just remember you’re riding to work, not racing in the The Tour De France, So wear something comfortable and awesome! Wear a Nutcase!

Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Matt with BikeShopHub and I’m here today with nutcase helmets these are fantastic helmets and I recommend you picking one up. (smack) Nutcase, it didn’t even hurt, I’m protected from the iPad. As you can see here and as well on my head, we have quite a variety of nutcase helmets, here we’ve got some great kids helmets and some great adult helmets that you can wear to protect your head. Now as your looking at these beautiful specimens that are on my roundtable here as I try to catch to Brian with the camera.

What makes The Nutcase Helmets so special? You have these magnetic buckles that go right here and makes the helmet super easy to take on and off, there’s no pinching so you’re not crying and getting upset when you actually pinch yourself. It also has this really fancy speed dial right here on the back of the helmet that really helps lock it in pretty tight. I mean, look at that I can’t even shake it off like that.

Nutcase also has crumple zones throughout the helmet, so if you get hit or in an accident. It also has great venting right here on top of the helmet and on the back which is super good because it’s not like your traditional triathlon helmet, which lets be honest you’re not racing in the Tour de France, you don’t need to be dressed in spandex go to work, put on some normal clothes, grab a nutcase and look respectable, OK? Be respectful to yourself.

The venting on here actually allows a lot of wind to come in and out of the helmet to keep your head cool, it’s really good. The Nutcase Helmets also come with detachable visors, that attach here so when you want to look like a cool hipster sure you can put the Visor on, you can take it off, whatever you want to do.

Nutcase have a nice soft chin pad here because I know you have a really nice soft chin and you’ll want to keep it Soft? The pad does that for you. Another thing that’s really important about the Nutcase has a 360 reflective material around the helmet so no matter what direction you’re going in traffic people are going to see you. Another great feature that everyone talks about with nutcase is that they are super eye-catching and just look at these guys they’re fantastic.

We’ve got the Nutcase Space Cadet helmet right here we’ve got the Monster helmet right here and look how it’s going to scare away drivers. We’ve got the cow helmet which is great and we’ve also got the metro ride home it’s with these stylized vents right here and of course my favorite their speed star kids helmet and the classic Nutcases here in the back so I don’t worry in that case on my head I recommend you picking one up today. Don’t look like a Triathlete.

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