Puke Ready: The Weehoo WeeGo Bike Child Trailer Review

The Weehoo WeeGo is a great addition to your family. I really hope I covered alot of things that I feel are important when I’m looking for a new trailer. The Removable cover is always a big plus especially if you have two kids who like a vomit like I do and the plastic footwell is also another big plus. (Note to Self: Try going slow) The WeeGo is a great way to introduce your kids to the bicycle lifestyle. So sit back, relax and maybe get some tomatoes and enjoy my review.

Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Matt with www.CampfireCycling.com. Behind me here, is the Weehoo WeeGo Child bike trailer. It’s a fantastic Three in one option that allows you go jogging, go cycling or go strolling, whatever you may like, but probably not all three at once. So I’m going to take you around a tour of the trailer and really get to know this thing because it really great trailer. Towards the back here is the adjustable handlebar and this is super nice, especially if your married to Shaq, you can actually walk around with this Trailer. it’s really easy, you can push it in, just like this and you can have it lower so you can be like my wife is four foot nothing and she’ll be able to push this stroller, but I’m not sure if she’ll be able to see over it.

Right on the handle bar you have your running strap, this is great so the kids don’t run away from you or you let go of the trailer or it goes flying down the side of a hill. We got a little mesh here on the back and you can fold this up, so you can allow air to flow through the trailer to come out when the front is open, but we will get to that in a minute. This trunk area opens up nice and wide here, you’ll be able to probably fit like a basket. You can have a picnic, you can have a lot of picnics, you can go on multiple picnics. You can fit a soccer ball, footballs back there, we don’t have any to show because we are a bike store and not a sports store.

Right here on this back pocket we’ve got a spot for you to place your wallet, cell phone and maybe a sandwich or maybe a little snack, I don’t know, you can do whatever you like, but it zips up really quick and easy and it looks great back here. I’ll bring you around to the front right here, this is a 2n1 system, it’s also the jogging kit as you can see it’s locked for jogging, but you can unlock it for strolling around. If you want to go to the mall and catch up with your cool friends you can do that or if you want to go to the park and try and out race everybody you can do that to with a flick of a button. The Weego comes with a pretty standard hitch arm system here as you can see it has the strap here that wraps around the chain stay, it’s got the hitch here that attaches to the quick release and it has a fairly decent sized cycling arm to you enough distance between the trailer and your bike.

The cover is what really stands out too with Weehoo Bicycle Trailers. This cover is completely removable, so if you get spit up on it or somebody puke in here because you’re going to fast, I don’t know whatever it is it’s completely washable because its removable and that’s fantastic. We got the rain cover here which is standard on most trailers and that flips up just like that you can roil it up but for the video im just going to do that quickly. It also has this little sun visor right here so when the sun is beating down on them its not in there eyes and they not complaining. We got the mess cover right here and it’s super nice and it lets all the breeze in and if you remember at the beginning of the video I showed you the mesh on the back, this lets the air in and that lets the air out. The cover actually comes up and it’s super easy to do, you just unhook these little elastic pieces, this comes straight back and let’s go to the interior.

Weehoo put a lot of effort into making sure it’s a great interior in here. They’ve got a five point harness right here on both sides if you have a single kid at the time you can put one right here and if you convince your wife or husband to have two you can actually leave it just like this and for when they get older you can actually lift this harness up higher so the bigger kids can get in there. It’s got a capacity of 100 lbs, it fits one to two kids. It also has these interior pockets right here to keep them happy so you can put snack, goldfish, whatever you want, maybe a toy, I don’t know whatever you want in there. Its super nice.

The best part that stands out to me being a parent and the most important part is the rubber interior here, there’s on thing I’ve noticed about owning a brand new car and its always that the inside always get dirty some how from dirty shoes but with the weehoo and that plastic mat stops all that and it doesn’t mess up the inside of the trailer and it’s super easy to clean. It’s the weehoo weego trailer, it’s fantastic, check it out today.

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