The Cocoon: Carry half a deer, half a bear, and a tiny dog—possibly all at once!

The Cocoon basket from DoggyRide would probably be just fine for carrying a doggy. I, on the other hand, used it more for the transport of a somewhat endangered species, to be revealed before this article ends. I think the endangered species handled the enclosed space with less stress than did the pup.

Cocoon Bike Basket from DoggyRide
Photo: DoggyRide

The dog: I don't have a dog. So I was going to stick with the "endangered animal basket" review rather than the "doggy basket" review. But my friend Joel mentioned that he has a dog smaller than the basket. It is a Chihuahua aptly named Peanut.

Since we wanted to avoid a dog-fall and subsequent peanut butter shmears, we clipped him by his collar into the basket with the built-in basket leash. It was easily adjustable and simpler to use than I had expected. Strong work, doggy basket engineers.

 Cocoon bike basket

Perhaps next you could engineer confident Zen dogs that could be calm and comfortable in any situation? Peanut's expression could best be described as concerned.

Look at that face.

 Cocoon bike basket with Peanut

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

First, I had to install the basket. It was nearly the same design as a stellar German Ortlieb handlebar bag I use on my touring bike, what with a cable and screw locking clamp design. The basket was a bit heavy (-duty), as it probably should be for carrying a live body inside. And the strong mounting design is comforting for anybody who loves their little friend.

A piece of fabric hanging over the clip slightly obstructed my sight and my ability to properly clip the basket onto the bar mount. But after I did it once it was just like riding a bike. Simple. Solid.

Constructive Criticisms: Low quality zippers; I broke one the first time I used it. Granted, it was an inner zipper that you will probably never touch; I was playing with it simply to see how the thing was constructed. Not very well, apparently. The wires that maintain the dome shape of the mesh cover were no better; one snapped on the third day. I was not being rough; on the contrary I was certainly treating the basket more gently than a person with a dog. (Later, I was rougher with the basket, but this wire snapped beforehand).

After the pupdog test, I went to the nearest store to load up with a six pack of endangered animals.

They fit just fine and, although I've never tasted Chihuahua I insist these animals must be tastier. These animals are best described as half bear, half deer. Cold. Refreshing. Hoppy. Here is a photo:

 Cocoon bike basket with Beer

Conclusion: If you are looking for a fun, sturdy way to transport beverages, this basket is for you!

I even zipped up the mesh cover and took the bike and beers over some sweet jumps. I must have gotten like three feet of air. The cans remained safe and sound within the confines of the beer bask"”I mean dog basket. Then they exploded onto my face and lap when I opened them.

Live and learn, I reckon.

Beer Symbol

If you are looking for a doggy basket for your bike, and you have a tiny dog that doesn't mind being confined to a space as small as a factory-farmed egg-laying hen's battery cage, more power to you! All you really need to know is that this is one sturdy basket, minus the fragile zippers, and you can use it for whatever you want.

Samuel HaglerSamuel Hagler is a returned Peace Corps volunteer and founder of the Ride for Good Foundation. He is a master’s candidate studying Bicycle Activism in the M.A. Sustainable Communities program at Northern Arizona University, and enjoys mountain biking, commuting, and traveling the world by bicycle.

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