Liam's Mega-Trailer Build

Introducing: the Wonder Trailer!! by Liam:

I’ve spent 2 years building this articulated bike trailer it can haul upwards of a ton to 2 tons**. The trailer handles surprisingly well for its size: 5 x 2 feet with 20″ wheels. I am currently working on what in England we call a tilt body – basically a canvas cover over a light weight frame. The trailer still needs some adjustments, but they can wait.

** I know England sometimes uses the metric system, and my terms of measurement may be a little off, but I’m just going to throw this out there. I don’t believe this trailer can haul the equivalent of 2 small-sized hippos, or one giant hippo if you prefer your load to be a little more manageable in shape and in temperament. Two hippos may not get along on one (very impressive) bike trailer. Regardless, it is a nice build and one worth sharing — Thanks Liam!

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