Quivvers: The Speedo of Messenger Bags

You probably carry a cell phone with you when you commute. And on your commute, you probably don’t use your phone for GPS navigation, because you are going to work and you already know how to get there — unless it’s your first day at a new job.

What I’m getting at is that you probably keep your phone in your pocket.

So what do you do when it rings? Do you ignore it, or do you stop and pull it out of your pocket to see who is calling? I could never decide on a personal policy.

A Quivver arrived for me to review. I put one over my shoulder and modeled it for my co-workers. One of them said, “That’s the Speedo of messenger bags.”

The Speedo of Messenger Bags. Photo: Quivvers

That smartass comment could have set the tone for how I approached this review, because, honestly, I didn’t expect it to be very useful. But it was.

Riding along, my phone rings, and I want to screen the call, all I have to do is look down through the clear vinyl window of the Quivver and see who is calling.

Ted in Lycra with a Quivver
Pockets for those who commute in Lycra

Another problem solved: I didn’t used to have place to keep my cheap Bluetooth headset (and I kept running the headset through the laundry in my pants pockets). The Quivver has a small triangular pocket, the perfect size for my headset.

There’s also a third pocket on the back for keeping a little money, or something else small and flat.

A few weeks ago, I tried commuting in Lycra. Yes, I really did that.

With no pants pockets, I carried my wallet in the Quivver. I couldn’t zip it closed, but with the help of gravity, the wallet stayed in place.

Then I drove a rental car. Yes, I really did that too.

My phone was in my pants pocket when it rang. I did that squirming thing where you straighten your back in order to reach into your pants pocket while driving with one hand, fumbling to extract the phone. I hate that.

I realized that I could also wear the Quivver while driving — and completely eliminate cellular squirm.

Quivver in the Car
DWD: Driving While Dorky

The Quivver company, rather uncreatively, has marketed their product with photos of young, attractive, athletic models using the product — completely ignoring the huge middle-aged dork demographic.

Young, Attractive, Athletic People with Quivvers
I can’t imagine why.

The Quivver sells for $44.99, or for $39.99 without the vinyl window.

I’ve really come to appreciate not having my cell phone in my pocket, and you might like it too. So if you don’t fit either the “Young, Attractive, and Athletic” demographic, or the “Middle-Aged and Dorky” demographic, or if for any other reason the Quivver isn’t right for you, here are…

More not-in-your-pocket ways to carry your Phone

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Biologic Bike Mount For Android
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