Ethan & Reid's Fundraising Ride Across U.S.

Brothers Ethan & Reid are cycling across the U.S. to raise money for the Phoenix Children’s Hostpital here in Arizona.   The story behind the cause, according to Ethan:

Back in my junior year of high school, I was rushed to Phoenix Children’s Hospital via ambulance in a grand mal seizure. Doctors quickly induced a coma to stop the violent seizure. For the next few days, the staff was unsure if I would survive, let alone function after such a traumatic event. Ever so fortunately, I did. In all, I spent ten days in the hospital, nine days of which were in the ICU, and the first three in a coma. Due to the seizures, stroke, and immense pressure placed on my brain from this meningoencephalitic infection, I suffered impairments to my cognitive, speaking, and fine motor function.

Thanks to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, I survived this battle for my life and now, some four years later, after a long rough road to recovery, I’m back. This summer my brother Reid and I are bicycling across the continental United States in an effort to raise money for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, the hospital that saved my life. We’ll be riding self-supported, carrying all our own gear, as we pedal from the Virginia coast to the Oregon coast, some 4,233 miles. We look forward to bringing together many people of our community, state, and nation to help support this hospital that performs life-saving miracles on an everyday basis, just as they did for me.

Please check out the brothers’ website:   //   blog:   //   and Facebook page:   to help them out.   Best of luck on your travels!

Armed with Ortlieb!

Ethan & Reid as young boys. Ethan in the hospital.
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