Jim's Racktime Topit Praises

Another rave review from another amazing customer. Aren’t we lucky:

I want to thank you for the rack (a Racktime Topit Front Rack), and let you know that this finally ends my search for a front rack to fit my bike and the lights I use. I asked for the dimensions, so that I would know if this would work, and it fits great. I’ve attached a few photos to show you how it fits, and how it accommodates my lights. Thanks for your help and this excellent product!! — Jim

The lights Jim uses are Nightsun Team Issue which he’s had for over 20 years. The wiring is custom to fit the length needed for switch, battery, and tail light. These lights rang a bell in my head…. they look an awful lot like those yellow guys from Despicable Me. Anyone else see it? No? Oh well.The Topit is currently offered at the limited reduced price of $39 – down from $46.99. Stock is extremely limited for this deal. Call in your order to receive this discount. 

— and in a last ditch effort to get you to see what I see —

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