How to start an argument: Say, 'Roads Were Not Built For Cars'

How to win the argument: Read Roads Were Not Built For Cars

Here’s a risk free Kickstarter project: Carlton Reid has raised and exceeded his   £4,000 ($6073 US) goal for his forthcoming book.

So, if you pledge now, it’s too late to say “I pledged before it was cool to pledge,” but you will be betting on a winner, and you’ll be among the first to receive the book.


And if you have doubts about Reid’s follow through, consider this:

Not only is he the busybody writer & editor at,, and, but he co-wrote the Bike to Work Book with Tim Grahl, a former captain of this ship. (The book is now available for free as a PDF Download, and as a free podcast read by Reid and Grahl.)

Maybe I’ll send a copy of the book to this guy.

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