Troubleshooting Bionx Kits

Via e-mail:

My BionX Li-Mn 36v power system seems to be dead. I cannot get it charged by either the plug-in charger or pedal action. Please advise.

It was resourceful of you to try to charge your battery using regeneration, but BionX warns that you should “not attempt to ride the bicycle to revive a deeply discharged battery.”

Let’s rule out some of the more fundamental things that might be behind the problem you are having:

Confirm that the power outlet you are using is working:

Take another A/C powered appliance and plug it into the power outlet you are using. (Something small: a lamp or hair dryer; not your refrigerator.) If you discover the outlet isn’t working, try a different outlet that you have confirmed is working.

Confirm that the voltage switch is set properly for our country:

The setting for the USA is 115 V. (If you don’t know your country’s voltage, check out “Mains electricity by country Wikipedia.”) Only chargers that have a fan and an external fuse will have a voltage switch. Other BionX chargers switch voltage automatically.

Confirm that your fuse has not blown:

If the charger has an external fuse, inspect the fuse by unscrewing the fuse holder. If the fuse is blown, replace it. If the fuse can’t be inspected visually (because it doesn’t clear sides), you can test it with a multimeter (or it may be easier to just buy a new fuse).

Un-stick the switch:

If your charger does have a voltage switch, I’ve heard that you can wiggle the switch a few times flick it back and forth a few times quickly to un-stick the switch, and then set it to the right place.

Check the XLR solder connections:

If your charger cable has XLR connectors (the end that connects to the battery), open up the connector and inspect the solder connections or have a qualified electronics geek do this for you. If they connections have been damaged, it may be possible to repair them. (See the attached image.)

After you’ve run through all of the previous procedures, you have ruled out any issues of getting power to the battery. Now you can try the BionX Battery Recovery Procedure. (See the attached image.)

If that fails, you may need to replace either the charger or the battery.

BionX Battery Recovery Instructions BionX XLR Connectors

Via e-mail:

I ordered a BionX throttle for G2 it arrived very fast thanks a lot.

But there is a problem maybe you know the answers.

I did the G2 THROTTLE CALIBRATION PROCEDURE and everything seems to work.

But if i ride the bike “+” and “-” work but if i punch the red button nothing happens.

The software version on my system is 62.111.100.

If I look with the bib from BionX in to my system it says that the throttle is connected.

Do you have any idea why it doesn’t work?

Thanks a lot

Greetings Bram

Let’s make sure that you followed this G2 Throttle Calibration Procedure, and not, perhaps, some other procedure you found on the Web somewhere.

On STEP 4, when you press the red throttle button all the way down the bar graph should should fill completely. When you release it, it should empty completely. This is positive proof that the throttle is communicating with the controller.

If the console does not respond in this way, double check everything.

If it does respond, your throttle should now work.

If it doesn’t work, you should bring your bike into a BionX dealer and have them upgrade your system to the latest version of the firmware.

And after that, your throttle should work.

If it doesn’t you may need to return the throttle.

G2 Throttle Calibration Procedure
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