Chariot vs. Croozer vs. Burley Bike Child Trailers

Via Email: We are looking at purchasing a bike trailer stroller combo for two children. Can you please tell me what the differences are between your three brands and why I would purchase one over another. Thank you.

The main difference between the brands of trailers is the features and accessories that they come with. The shapes and colors of the trailers are going to be a bit different but functionally they are all the same.

The Croozer Trailers come with either 2 or 3 kits depending on which model you get. The kits are the Strolling, Jogging and Cycling kit. Croozers tend to be a bit heavier and larger than Burley or Chariot. The Croozer would be considered our economy trailer for those on a budget.

Burley trailers all come with the cycling kit as a stock feature. Some models can use the Strolling, Skiing and Jogging kits but they are sold as accessories. Burley has a wide range of options from a very simple cycling only Bee trailer to the very nice do it all d’Lite trailer.

The Chariot trailers are all a bit different in what they come with, some come with a cycling kit, some with a jogging kit and some require the purchase of a kit in order to use the trailer. Chariots have a reputation of being the nicest child trailers on the market and in our experience we would not disagree.

Thule Chariot Cougar 2Burley DCroozer Kid Plus For 2 Bike Child Trailer

Another Email:
I’m trying to decide between the Chariot CX2 or Burley d’Lite (or cub) and having a hard time. I do not live close to a shop to be able to check these out in person.

Is there anything that makes one better than the other? For reference I’m looking to run/ride 2 kids (age 2 and 6 month). Live in Florida so prefer something that has good air flow. Will be using mixed terrain.
Does either have Independent seat recline? I should also note here I’ve only ever had jogging strollersnever a trailer but would like to be able to run and ride. Is one more bulky Than the other? Thank you for your time and advice.

The Chariot CX2 is going to have the most features out of the three trailers that you are looking into. The best feature in my opinion is the zip out side windows, it’s the only trailer that we sell that does this and it really does make a big difference in terms of temperature control on hot days.

The next big difference between these three trailers is that both the 2013 d’Lite and the Cub both come with the cycling kit and the CX comes with the Jogging Kit.

The Cub is going to be the larger and heavier of the three trailers because it has a solid plastic floor which makes for a very strong base which will survive almost anything the riders can throw at it.

As for the individual reclining seats, you can adjust the straps on one side and not the other to achieve a small difference, but none of the trailers that we sell have true separation between the two seats and allow for that type of adjustment.

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