The Rise of the Cockroaches of Transportation (Friday Roundup)

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This is a roundup of some of the things we saw fit to share with our less productive readers over the last seven days:

SEO for CbB from the EPA (the EPA blog linked to our Commuting 101 pages)
Props to Richard Masoner and my predecessors who wrote the Commuting 101 articles here.

Bacon's Rebellion is not a bike blog. But it sure wants to be.

Wolmar wants to out-Boris Boris!?
Christian Wolmar is campaigning to replace Boris Johnson as Mayor of London

In Ottowa, 16 months into the two-year trial of the lanes, "drivers have switched to bikes."

"Cockroaches of transportation" -- that's meant in a good way.

Lego me! I'm in a bike box!

Does the Chinese recession inevitably mean a resurgence of affordable US-made bikes?

via Cyclelicious

Nice pumpkin!

But who will speak up on behalf of the sociopathically selfish single-occupancy SUV commuter?!

While Sandy recovery continues, signs of hope on two wheels

Oh you say you can handle cuteness, but can you really? I wonder.

From NYC: "People who walked and rode bikes had the most reliable commutes this morning."

Hurricane Sandy on Bikes in NYC

If I pick up some Indian cheese during my bike commute, does that mean I'd have paneer in my pannier?

I know it’s a roundup, but we still like comments!

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