Sandy: Mother of a Million Bike Commuters

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, where the New York subway system may take weeks to recover, expect a lot of bikes to come out of mothballs.

New York City bike advocates Transportation Alternatives are preparing to help erstwhile cyclists make the transition from neglect to success with commuter support stops. The “Bike Ambassadors” will be offering “free coffee, encouragement, guidance and technical/material assistance.”

After #Sandy Transportation Alternatives' Commuter Support Stops  | BikeNYC
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The support stops are scheduled for Thursday and Friday, and possibly more days next week.

And for ersatz motorists, Dani Simons has put together a handy set of NYC Rules of the Road.

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Rather than privileging motor vehicles again as soon as possible, Transportation Alternatives has also issued a set of recommendations to the city, including:

  • Bike Parking Stations and Temporary Bike Storage in major employment centers in Lower Manhattan …
  • High Occupancy Vehicle Requirements on crossings into the most congested areas of the city.

In other words: Emergency Biketopia

New Yorkers may discover that a bike is the best and fastest way to get around the city. Something New York bike commuters have known all along.

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