Bob's Adams Trail-A-Bike Re-Purpose & "Tidy Cat" Panniers

The polls are officially closed — Our “most creative trailer build” award is going out early this week! Bob’s trailer knocks the concept of “re-purposing” out of the park:

I bought a used Adams Trail-A-Bike off Craigslist for $50. Cut off the handlebars. Removed the drive train. Replaced the wheel with a stronger BMX wheel. New 100psi recumbant tire. Installed a rear wheel rack and attached it to the seat post using the support section from the handle bars. Installed a metal fender. Attached 2 removable waterproof kitty litter pannier boxes to the rack using S hooks bolted through the boxes. Top of the boxes are level with the rack. I almost gave up on the project due to the trailer wobbling horribly as weight and speed increased, which I fixed by wrapping the U joint with strips of rubber bike tire tubing, with a final cover of electical tape. This makes the joint very stiff, which doesn’t easily allow for tight turns, but as it completely eliminated the wobble problem it is a minor concern.

Send us your re-purposed bicycle photo submissions so everyone can witness your total awesome-ness as well.

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