'The Society to Deter Cycling is talking safety again – with extra blood' (Friday Roundup)

For those of you who don’t follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook, Google Plus, etc.: Are you working or something?

This is a roundup of some of the things we saw fit to share with our less productive readers over the last seven days:

Batman and Joker helmet PSA (from 2010 - but still funny)

Bike Share CHiPs Style

Scott's weekend plans include taking the kiddos out on his homemade trailer-cycle. We tend to err on the side of "manufacturer safety standards first" however... AND ever-so subtly recommend these too-cutie-patootie squeeze horns!

'If a guy walks up to them...and starts talking to them about gear ratios, its going to be intimidating.' Really?

The Society to Deter Cycling (via the Boston Public Health Commission) is talking safety again - with extra blood.

Bicis Solidarias
Our Facebook friend, Claude LaVallee, submitted this alternative

Someone asked for a commuter backpack recommendation. I went a little overboard:

The squeaky wheel gets parking.

Here's an economic stimulus plan we can get on board with.

Alan Koch, 72, completes quest to ride every public road in the region

Silly. Everbody knows that all cyclists always run all red lights.

Nuno continues to put his BOB to good use discovering Portugal. Small investment, big adventures!

A woman asked me how to haul 3 dogs (net wt. 175 lbs.) on a bike. This was my best shot. Got a better idea?

Surly Bill Bike Trailer Mockup with Three Dogs
My Mockup of a Surly Bill Trailer with rails and three dogs
Chris Murray Dog on Flatbed Trailer
Our Facebook friend Chris Murray submitted this real-world solution.

A bike that delivers coffee!

A search engine for finding stolen bikes

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