Nuno Bikes and BOB's Through Portuguese National Park

Nuno accounts:

I like to travel on the unknown trails in the mountains, in complete autonomy, in the company of one or two friends, overcome obstacles and meet the locals.   I may live in a very small country, but one that’s big on natural beauty and full of idyllic locations.

Peneda-Gerês National Park, Nuno’s chosen idyllic location in this case, is described by a European National Park site:

In the extreme North of Portugal, between the Atlantic Coast and the Spanish border, remnants of wildlife that once roamed all Europe have survived next to the vestiges of long lost civilizations.

Only on foot or astride a garrano pony can one appreciate the vast expanse and diversity of Peneda-Gerês. Walk along narrow shepherd trails or on the ancient cement of Roman roads…..   [It] is the refuge of some of Europe's last surviving great predators. A transition zone between the Mediterranean and the Euro-Siberian regions with a hodge podge of microclimates and new plants on every new trail.

One of these “last surviving great predators” listed is …..a badger.

Here are Nuno’s photos.   We’re happy to see that he opted against going the ol’ garrano pony route and instead chose his trusty bike and BOB.

Peneda-Gerês National Park, Portugal


Hope the wine is strapped securely to that BOB!


Other Peneda-Gerês photos courtesy of Andy Mumford photography:



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