Mighty Mom on a Bike

Most moms are mighty. I know my mom sure is. But if most moms are mighty, then Emily Finch is super-duper mighty. Emily is the Portland mother of six children between the ages of 2 and 11. After learning about peak oil, she sold her giant SUV and replaced it with a massive cargo bike. Not just any cargo bike, mind you, her rig is a monstrous combination of a front-loading bakfiets cargo bike and an attached trailer-cycle of sorts. She and the kids go everywhere by bike, and this includes grocery store runs to feed a family of 8, trips to school, you name it. Rain (of which there is a lot in Portland), cold, sun, wind, this family does it by bike. Emily was recently featured at the National Women’s Bike Summit, where she gave the presentation below. If you watch one more video this week, watch this one. And next time you think you can’t do something by bike, remember Emily. You go girl!Via Elly Blue & Bike Portland. Also check out Emily in the ‘Fiets of Parenthood’.

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