Mounting Rear Bike Racks to Bikes without Lower Mounting Eyelets

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I have a pretty standard road bike but it has no eyelets (lower mounting holes or above the brakes).
I was hoping to get the racktime addit rear rack with a pair of ortlieb back roller classic panniers.
Could I use the Tubus Quick Release adapter with the racktime addit? Is there another solution which makes sense?

The Tubus Quick Release adapters are not designed to fit Racktime Racks. The only options for mounting mounting rear racks to a bicycle without lower eyelets such as your road bike are the Salsa Wanderlust Rear Rack or the Tubus Rear Racks linked to from the Tubus Quick Release Adapter.

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I have a 2001 specialized stumpjumper hardtail mountainbike. I can’t figure out what rack to put on it, if I can at all. Its an aluminum frame hardtail with NO mounts for racks. It has disc brake mounts on the rear but nothing else. I am not sure what to do. What do you recommend?

The Old Man Mountain Pioneer or Sherpa racks are going to be your best option. These use the wheels quick release for your lower mounting point and you can use band clamps to create your upper mounting location. Both of the racks have disc brake options. Select a band clamp that is the same size or slightly larger than the diameter of the seat stay tubing. You can always shim to the right size using a piece of inner tube if the best fit is slightly large.

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I have a cyclocross bike with no eyelets and a unique rear wheel attachment where I don’t think the bottom of the Tubus Fly will attach. Instead I would need a means to mount to the frame above the axel. What parts do I need for a upper-eyelet-less and axel-free lower mount?

We don’t have a good solution for you to mount the Tubus Fly to a bike without lower eyelets. The lack of upper eyelets are not an issue, as you could use the Tubus SeatStay adapters. But most of the weight of the rack is supported by the lower mount so we don’t recommend anything other than mounting racks to eyelets or the skewer when that is an option.

For your scenario I would recommend having a look at  Tubus Rear Racks.

Thanks for your help but there is a large flange surrounding my axel (pic emailed) that prevents attaching anything from above to the axel. In this case, barring the use of p-clips which may or may not support the 40lbs I would carry, I am left to instead have some eyelets brazened on by a local bike builder.

Old Man Mountain Racks are a good solution for a bike with Breezer style dropouts like you have here. The lower mounting parts of these racks, known as the OMM Rear Fit Kit, has a barrel that is .75″ in diameter and .75′ long. This should sit nicely into the dropout, though you should take some measurements to be sure.

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