A Bike Trailer for Car-Sized Errands

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The Wandertec Tuba:A Bike Trailer for Life-Sized Loads

Some errands are an excuse to use the family car.Sorry, America, we want to change that.We’ve designed a trailer for carrying the loads that used to go in your back seat or your trunk. We call it the Wandertec Tuba.And we’ve made a video to tell you about it:

Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer - Play Video

It’s a trailer for the minivan lifestyle — without the minivan.We are funding the project on Kickstarter. We have some great rewards for our backers, including complete trailers with accessories.Now is your chance to get a Wandertec Tuba for less than the anticipated retail price.

Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer Soccer Mom Load

Wandertec is our own brand of cycling accessories. We’ve been designing and manufacturing bike trailers for nearly ten years, right here in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer Kickstand Mode

Frame Bags for Salsa and Surly by Revelate Designs

If this photo doesn’t fill your brain with wanderlust, you can stop right here.

We just received our first shipment of Revelate Designs Frame Bags for specific bikes by Salsa and Surly.If you own one of these bikes, you can’t pack more efficiently than with one of these bags.Instead of a bike rack, maximize the carrying space in the front triangle — the ideal spot for weight distribution.Revelate Designs Frame Bag for Salsa El Mariachi/Fargo/MamasitaRevelate Designs Frame Bag for Salsa El Mariachi/Fargo/Mamasita$160.00

Revelate Designs Frame Bag for Salsa MuklukRevelate Designs Frame Bag for Salsa Mukluk$165.00

Revelate Designs Frame Bag for Surly Ogre/Karate Monkey/Troll/1×1Revelate Designs Frame Bag for Surly Ogre/Karate Monkey/Troll/1x1$160.00

Revelate Designs Frame Bag for Surly Pugsley/MoonlanderRevelate Designs Frame Bag for Surly Pugsley/Moonlander$165.00

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