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I have some questions about the Ortlieb replacement parts you stock. I’m buying them to fabricate my own panier from an old laptop bag (not Ortlieb).
1/ E175-QL3 system is design to fit onto the rack, but it seems you don’t sell the mating female parts which attach to a bag?
2/ you sell E156-QL2 hooks, but it seems you don’t sell the QL2 rail?
3/ E143 shark tooth will fit onto E144 lower elliptical rail?
4/ E162-QL1 hooks will fit onto either E170, E106, E169 top rails?
5/ What is the total length of E170 short rail vs. E106 long rail vs. E169 long rail?
6/ E106 is shown included with mounting screws, does E170 and E169 also come with screws?

  1. The Female Side of the Ortlieb QL3 system is somewhat integral to the bag. The primary reason for Ortlieb to offer these parts is to support their bags. They do not really seem interested in providing full solutions to upgrading the mounting capabilities of other bags.
  2. This upper QL-2 rail is available through Ortlieb only on a warranty basis as again they are only look to support Ortlieb bags.
  3. The E143 and E144 do work together.
  4. The E162 does work with the E170, E106, E169 top rails.
  5. The E170 is 9″ the E169 is 12″. We are out of the E106 so can’t measure at the moment.
  6. They all include screws.
E175-QL3 Rack Mounting SetE143-Lower Anchoring HookE144-Elliptical Lower Rail

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First of all love the websites. Great work. Petty sure you are affiliated with commutebybike and I’ve only discovered the whole network and have enjoyed reading for the past few months.
Next, somewhat long story I’m about to launch into, so apologies up front.
So I recently got a Trek Allant this past April with the intent of becoming a daily commuter (and so far so good). I knew I wanted a pannier for the rear rack that could double as a messenger/laptop bag. Unfortunately I didn’t see much out there that appealed to me in style or price.
I ended up purchasing a Basil d’Azur Pannier & Shoulder Bag (Basil being a brand that maybe deserves a look as they offer a very wide range of styles). I really like that their bags don’t appear to be panniers (both in style and the clips were well-hidden).The downside of these bags though is the attachment mechanism (plastic clips). I had read about these clips breaking, and despite this went ahead and bought the bag only to encountered the clips breaking on me.
The bag itself still functions as a messenger, but the pannier aspect is broke (which was equally important to me). The shop I bought the bag from was based in the UK (not many US suppliers) and while I might try and return under warranty, I also considered trying to somehow fix it and continue to use it.
This is where my question comes in. I found that you sell the Ortlieb E170-QL1 short rail, the QL1 Top hooks with handle, and the QL1 screw set. I was wondering the measurements of the short rail and if you think it would be possible to attach the QL1 system to my existing bag? If so that could salvage the pannier function of my bag and would be a great save.
My final comment is that in looking at your site again, I just noticed the Ortlieb QL3 system. I’m a bit disappointed that I had not noticed it earlier as it for the most part alleviates my knock againt bags with hooks poking out. That will probably be my next pannier purchase when my next gift season rolls around.

Thanks for the positive comments on and our website network. You’ll find the specs on the Ortlieb parts in the previous post of this thread.

As far as mounting these parts to a non Ortlieb bag, we cannot really make recommendations. Of course it is possible, but this modification needs to be done at your own risk and would be outside of any warranty protection. The Ortlieb parts are made as a system to work with the panniers shape and backing plates. Whether or not this system can be modified to work with another bags system is outside of our scope of expertise.

We agree that the Ortlieb QL3 system is a great setup for bike commuting panniers.

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I wonder if you have clips that will allow me to adapt these old Ortlieb panniers [in the attached pictures], to this rack:
Currently, the clips on these panniers are too small to close properly, around the top tube that runs around and forms the horizontal platform of this rack.
However, I’m hoping to continue using these panniers on this new rack, that’s part of my new commuter bike provided I can get these panniers to properly fit on this rack.

I believe your best option will be to upgrade to the QL1 Top Hooks, they are 16mm wide and then come with both 11m and 8mm retention clips that allow for less rattling when on small diameter tubing. The rack that you linked is made with 10.2mm T6 tubing which will work nicely with the 11mm clips. From the looks of the upper mounting rail you should not have any issues mounting the new top hooks. If it turns out that they are not compatible we do have upper rails also that will work. If you would like to change to a more updated lower anchoring hook I would consider looking at the E110 or the E109 which can both be found here.

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