Racks that Work Well with Trunk Bags

Via BikeBagShop.com Email:

I purchased a set of Ortlieb panniers from you a few years back. I used them on my commuter bike which had a rear rack and worked out great. Now I upgraded my commuter bike to a Metrofiet cargo bike and even though I have more than enough room in the front basketwant to get a rack to use my panniers. I have a existing rack from the old commuter but want to also purchase the Ortlieb rear rack bag so I can pack my lunch etc in it and just grab it for work. What rack works best with the bag in your opinion? I saw the Racktime has a ‘snap’ in option as well as a lock?

The Ortlieb Trunk Bag can be mounted with any of the rear bike racks that we offer. That said, it is easiest to set it up for use with a rack that does not have a platform such as a Tubus or Racktime Rack. I would probably go with something like the Tubus Vega or Logo.

The Racktime Rack-Top bags have some nice features which like the Ortlieb Trunk Bag snaps on to the rack. The difference is that the Racktime bags only snap into Racktime Racks whereas the Ortlieb Trunk Bag has an adapter kit that mounts to any rack which is what the bag snaps into. The bag lock is a nice add on for the Racktime Rack-Top Bags.Ortlieb Trunk BagRacktime Trunkit Large Rack-Top Bag

Can the Ortlieb Trunk Bag be adapted to use the the Racktime Snapit bottom Bracket? I have a Racktime Tour-it rack and would like to use its own bracket. I know the bag comes with its own system but can that bracket be removed and the Snapit put on?

Yes, the mounting system on the bottom of the Ortlieb Trunk Bag could be fairly easily replaced with the Racktime Snapit Adapter making it compatible with Racktime Rear Racks including the Tourit.
Racktime Snapit Adapter

Via OrtliebUSA:
There are three mounting system options for the Trunk bag: Ortlieb, Racktime (Snap It system),R&K

Here is a breakdown of the part numbers:

Ortlieb mounting system: Black = F8403, Red = F8404

Snap It mounting system: Black = F8471, Red = F8472

R&K mounting system: Black = F8452, Red = F8451

I should also point out that it is a poor idea to recommend that end users modify any product as this will void the warranty. Also the mounting holes are not in the same location so hypothetically if someone was to remove the Ortlieb plate they would need to patch the old mounting holes and create four new holes in the bag to accommodate the Snap It system.

We’ll be adding the other Snap It and R&K mounting systems to our listing for the Ortlieb Trunk Bag today and they will be available to order through us there tomorrow.

Via BikeBagShop.com Email:

I already have the Ortlieb rear back-roller classic panniers (yellow w/ orange dots). I have the Bontrager BackRack lightweight model #08214, which fits the bags and bike nicely.

I’d like to purchase the Ortlieb trunk bag (black), but am unsure which underside mounting system I need: R & K, Ortlieb or the Racktime adapter. Can you tell me what I need?

I would use the Trunk bag with the Ortlieb mounting hardware. The Racktime one only works with their snap-it system and the R&K mount requires some pretty specific rack specs in order to work. The Ortlieb one works well with most racks and gives you an extra rail for your panniers. Most of the time trunk bags and panniers end up competing for mounting space on the rack so the extra rail really is handy.

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