It's Bike to Work Day… or Not

It’s Bike to Work Day!

What else is there to say? If you work a day shift, by now you have either biked to work today or you didn’t.

But wait. This is the end of National Bike to Week, as decreed by the League of American Bicyclists.

Perhaps it’s not Bike to Work Week where you live. In some places, Bike to Work Week already happened. British Columbia’s week begins on May 28. Where I live, my local Bike to Work Week doesn’t begin until June 3. Chicago’s Bike to Work Week doesn’t begin until June 9.

So I’ll be participating in Bike to Work Week all over again in a couple of weeks. It occurred to me that there are probably other cities or organizations that will be having their bike to work weeks in the near future.

There used to be a Web site that tried to keep all of these Bike to Work Weeks straight, but it seems to have fizzled. So I’ve decided to pick up the torch and make solidarity with any group anywhere in the world where you are having a Bike to Work Week. Even with you folks in the Southern Hemisphere, who presumably do your big week when it’s ass-freezing cold where I live, I will promote and participate your Bike to Work Week. (I think you Australians do yours in March, but there’s always next year.)

But I only have so much time for all this Googling. So if you have a Bike to Work Week that falls on week other than the one decreed by our LAB overlords, use the contact form and let me know when it is.

I’ve celebrated this week by goofing around on QuickMeme. If you don’t follow our Facebook feed, you’ve missed all of these.

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