Bike Box that Converts to a Bike Trailer

I would like a bike box for a prodeco full size folding bike its the new stride and I want to take it on a flight. The box could then be used as a trailer once at destination. Do you do anything like this.

It is funny that you should ask about this as our business was founded around developing a product that was actually a Bike Box for a full-sized bicycle that folded up onto a BOB Trailer. We no longer manufacture the CELLO Bike Case for BOB Trailers, but you can read about how the development of it lead to the start of Check out a video of the CELLO Bike Case as well.

Even though our product is no longer available, there are some other products on the market that convert from a bike trailer into a travel case for a folding bike. The one that has been around the longest that I know of is the Bike Friday suitcase/trailer system. See my review of the Bike Friday Tikit for more of my thoughts on this trailer/case setup.

Another interesting directions is the new Radical Designs Chubby Trailer. Conveniently enough, a Brompton folding bike fits very snugly inside of this trailer for transport. We will be adding this trailer into our Radical Designs lineup in the next few weeks.

Another interesting direction was the Turtle Tow by Bilenky Bikes. This single-wheel bike trailer, used a S&S hard case as its primary transport bay. This probably wont work with your full-sized folding bike but its worth taking a look at.

Bilenky Bike Trailer

I just came across this interesting approach to traveling with a bike. Just wrap it up in clear plastic and hope for the best

Via Email:

I have a Dahon Mu with 20″ wheels. I’m interested in a trailer (like the Chubby) that would allow me to pack the Dahon inside and then convert it to a bike trailer.

Would the Chubby or the Cyclone work for that purpose? I’m fine with having to remove the wheels, fenders, etc. from the folding bike; I’d just like to avoid excess baggage charges and to be able to carry my stuff in the trailer when I reach my destination.


Can I assume you are talking about air travel? (“I’d just like to avoid excess baggage charges”)

Unfortunately, there is not a hard-shell trailer/case that is made for a Dahon guaranteed to fit the Dahon right off the shelf. The Cyclone or the Chubby are soft-shelled cases.

As someone who has traveled by air with my Dahon in a soft-shell case, I don’t recommend it. There’s a strong possibility that the bike will end up with some kind of minor damage. My bike needed a new front wheel on arrival.

As our description for the Chubby states:

We recommend the Chubby for travel with a bike where the bike and Chubby are stowed under your supervision. Using it for travel on airlines is risky as the level of protection offered by the Chubby is not sufficient for rough handling. Plane travel is possible with some airlines that will handle the bag with caution or by packing multiple layers of cardboard in between the bike and the bag.

I didn’t use any cardboard, and I don’t know if that would have helped. (I kind of doubt it.)

The dimensions of your Dahon Mu when folded are 10.1 x 30.4 x 25.7 inches, which makes too big for either the Cyclone or the Chubby anyway. With a little disassembling, you might be able to make it fit, but I couldn’t guarantee it.

I’m guessing (not guaranteeing) that you could make a Bike Friday case work with a disassembled Dahon.

Bilenky Cycle Works makes custom travel cases.

BicycleR Evolution makes a Trailer Kit that you can use to transform a hard-shell suitcase into a bike trailer.

Whatever you go with, you will need to (a) try before you by, (b) DIY, (c) have something custom made, or (d) put your faith in cardboard.

Hi Josh,

Thanks for the link. 🙂

We’ve had a lot of feedback on this post. I’m not surprised really. The idea is a bit scary at first, but it really works. I’d say my experience BEFORE doing this the first time was exactly as you’ve described: “hope for the best”but, after observing our bikes being PLACED on and off of the plane instead of THROWN as I’ve seen before when they were in boxes, has made a believer out of both of us. We will be using this technique from now on.

That being said, some commenters have pointed out that this would be the death of a Carbon bike. Agreed. This technique is really only sensible for a touring bike or something similar. Exotic/Fragile materials like carbon most likely would not like being transported in a plastic bag.

Thanks again,

Tyler and Carolyn

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