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I have a question on the Wandertec bongo (large) size. Are these trailers strong enough to take off road. Will the hitch bar handle the stess off a rutted muddy fire road. Being the hitch is mounted to the frame (ie back wheel). Will this stress the frame of my mountain bike causing stress cracks on the bike frame.

The Wandertec BONGO bike cargo trailer frame can certainly handle the stresses of off road riding. We have not experienced issues for a bike frame being stressed due to this type of use, though we do not have thorough testing to support this.

More of the issue to consider is that a two wheel trailer is difficult to navigate on rough terrain. It does very nicely on dirt roads, however single-track or very rocky roads can be slow going especially with a heavy load.

Another thing to mention is that we are coming out with a new version of the Large Wandertec BONGO and introducing an XL version. Have a look at these posts about our prototyping of the new design that we expect to have available around June.

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I’d like to get a trailer that will work well on ATV trails and 4WD roads. Strictly speaking not single track, but since you’re often riding in a wheel rut it can be like single track. I will be hauling heavy loads of meat and camping gear. Which trailer do you recommend? It looks to me like the BOB Ibex would be best, but I want to check.

If the terrain you’ll be riding on is rough enough where a single-wheel trailer is required, the BOB Ibex will be your best option. If the terrain can handle a high clearance two-wheel trailer, the Wandertec BONGO Large would be your best option. This trailer is an excellent choice for heavy loads if it will work as it can easily handle loads of up to around 150 pounds or even up to 200 pounds if required. The BOB Ibex on the other hand is really only suitable for up to 75 pounds.

The Wandertec BONGO Large offers about 9″ of clearance. With this amount of clearance it does well in fairly rough terrain though narrow single track is not so good.

BOB Ibex Bike Cargo TrailerWandertec Bongo Bike Cargo Trailer Large

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