Stu's BONGO Arch

In developing the Big and the Really Big Wandertec BONGOs, we decided to incorporate the rail system, a liner and a waterproof cover. The challenge for the cover was to come up with a simple, sturdy design that was easy to install and remove. One key element we were thinking through was how to keep water from pooling on-top of the cover. So the brainstorming began.The proposed ideas included a center tent pole and a pole that tensioned across like this arch. We kept throwing around a variety of potentially lightweight designs, but to get the ball rolling, Stu cranked out a version of this sturdy looking arch. Upon seeing Stu’s first attempt, I realized that simple and strong was most likely best. Not only would this serve to prop up our waterproof cover, it was tough enough to handle any other abuse that might get hurled its way. The Big and the Really Big BONGOs are after all being designed as tough, around-the-town work trailers.Stu ran with the design and refined it a bit more to this 2nd rendition pictured here, somewhat reminiscent of the Gateway Arch of St. Louis.

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