RideKick Trailers and BikeTechShop.com

With the launch of BikeTechShop.com, we are becoming quite familiar with electric bike and electric assist kits. Another direction in electric that we’ve always been interested especially given our roots with BikeTrailerShop.comhas been electric powered bike trailers. The idea of having an electric push from a bike trailer has intrigued us from multiple perspectives.

  1. It allows for the a non-electric assist bike to be quickly converted into an electric bike.
  2. For someone or a family with multiple bikes, one investment in an electric assist unit can be shuffled between multiple bikes.
  3. The electric assist is there when you need it the most, basically when you are carrying cargo in the bike trailer.

When we encountered the new company RideKick at Interbike last year, we were very excited to see that they were going full steam into developing an electric assist trailer. Their product looked very well thought out and it was evident that they really believed in the idea. RideKick was definitely on their radar. With the launch of BikeTechShop.com, we were very excited to be including RideKick trailers in our lineup. We’ll soon be adding the full lineup of parts and accessories for the RideKick trailer to the shop as well.Pictured above is a demo model of one which will are currently working on a review of for CommuteByBike.com. We’re very excited about this handy little trailer and will be reporting about it quite a bit in the months to come.And check out our YouTube video test riding an A2B Velociti and the RideKick Trailer (end of the clip) at Interbike 2010.

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