A car site talks sense about cyclists. We've infiltrated the beast!

Carbuzz.co.uk is a UK-based a car research site, which momentarily lost command of their senses and published “What drivers can do to be more cyclist aware.”

One of the authors is Chris Gidney, “a keen cyclist and technician at SRAM.” Carlton Reid also has some of his fingerprints on this.

It’s hard to imagine a publication aimed at motorists being this… I dunno…

Sensible! That’s the word I’m looking for!

It’s hard to imagine a publication aimed at motorists being this sensible!

I don’t write about bike safety very much, because it only reinforces the success that the fearmongers of cycling have already achieved. Cycling is already safe. It’s cars that are dangerous. An average hour of cycling is safer than an average hour in a car. More than 90 percent of cycling fatalities involve a meeting with a car. And so on…

You already know the fodder from so many cycling blogs, including this one. So, when you read this, keep in mind that the you of this audience is motorists, and the they is cyclists. And since this is a UK publication, also remember that left translates to right in American Trafficese.

Realise cyclists are vulnerable
You're driving a vehicle hugely heavier and more powerful than theirs. In any impact, they will be the losers. Perhaps it's best we take after most other European countries which operate "˜strict liabilty'. These regulations result in the motorist's insurance usually being deemed to be responsible in any crash involving a cyclist. In the same way that a cyclist would be at fault in a smash with a pedestrian. With the driver always at fault in any accident, driver's become evidently more cautious around cyclists.

What Drivers Can Do To Be More Cyclist Aware

We have infiltrated the beast!

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