Daylight Saving Ends; Bike Tech Shop Opens

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been and why I don’t write more often, then you are my mom.

But the answer is Bike Tech Shop. I’ve been pouring many work hours into launching this new online shop dedicated to “cycling with circuitry.” Clever, huh?

Bike Tech Shop

Commute by Bike has been, well, slightly neglected while my writing energy has been focused on this new site. Just slightly.

You barely noticed, right? Except for you, Mom.

The premise of this new shop is that until now it hasn’t been easy cyclists to find a one-stop place for high-quality bike tech stuff along with the cycling expertise you can’t get from, say,

(We have nothing against It’s just that we have something against

And let me tell you, writing product descriptions is not always a walk in the park. I’ve written descriptions for more than 100 Bike Lights, Cycling GPS Systems, Electric Bikes, and Electric Bike Kits.

And I’m not done yet.

There were times when I got a little punchy.

There were times when I just copied the product description from the manufacturer’s Web site and pasted it into our description with minimal alteration.

Once I noticed that every other online store was also just copying and pasting the same poorly-written product description, so I did the same, but added sarcasm.

Light and Motion Seca 800 Bike Light
Like maybe this Light and Motion Seca 800 Bike Light

And there were times when the complete information was so hard to gather, that I felt like an investigative journalist. (I’m looking at you, Busch & Mller.)

Our aim is to be the Web’s authoritative site for anything having to do with tech on bikes. This is just the beginning.

We’re in Arizona, but we haven’t forgotten that the civilized world has been observing Daylight Saving Time since March. Now that that’s over, you might have noticed that it’s darker outside when you commute home.

So for our Grand Opening we are offering 10% off all Bike Lights by Planet Bike, Light and Motion, Cygolite & Busch & Mller through Nov. 22nd.

I’m also preparing for some thorough tests of commuter lights, and have been developing my own methodology using the latest technology, such as these mini traffic cones I bought at the dollar store.

Bike Tech Shop Traffic Cones
I find this project strangely affirming.

I’m wrapping each of them in 3M reflective tape. Every time I do this, a little positive affirmation gets obliterated. But it’ll be worth it. The results of the tests will be published here on Commute by Bike.

So check out Bike Tech Shop. I’ll be interested to know what you think.

(Not just you, Mom.)

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