Grand Opening and Sale!

We’re incredibly excited to be announcing the launch of our fourth specialty cycling accessory shop,! is a shop that will be dedicated to all things with circuitry that go on a bike. At the top of the list are bike lights, electric bikes and GPS systems. But a big part of what inspires us is how many cool things we will be able to get to know, use and bring to your our customers.We launched the site today because of Daylight Savings Time going into effect. If you are commuting tomorrow, you’ll have an hour less of light on the way home. We want to keep you safe and cycling through the short days of the year and are featuring bike lights in the Grand Opening of Bike Tech Shop. To get things started right, we put all of our new bike lights on sale at 10% off thru Nov.22nd!A little bit about the bike light brands that we are featuring. Planet Bike is known for very reliable bicycle accessories at affordable prices. Beyond lights, Planet Bike offers computers, racks, fenders and more. Planet Bike demonstrates their commitment to the cycling industry by donating 25% of the profits to bicycle advocacy. We added Light and Motion to our lineup with little hesitation. These lights are powerful and even sexy. “A sexy bike light?” you ask, well, you just have to take a look at the Light and Motion Lineup. Cygolite is a brand that conjure up metaphors like industrial strength and technogeek. These lights are bold and powerful. And to round out our launch, we went for a classic in Busch and Muller. These German manufactured lights have been setting the industry standard a long time. Solid, reliable and usable in almost an amazing amount of configurations

The success of depends on you, our customers and friends. We are a small, community-oriented network of specialty bike shops. Our success in our other 3 shops and blogs has been a direct result of your enthusiasm and support. Help us spread the word about the launch by sharing something on Facebook, Twitter or your blog. Good old word of mouth still goes along way too. However you can help, your support will be appreciated as our success will be felt with more great products and content available at great prices!

To wrap up this Grand Opening announcement, I thought I would share some of our recent bike tech related photos taken as we’ve been scouring the market for hi-quality, innovative and reliable products to offer up at the techiest bike shop around. (click on the photo to go to the section of that we were learning about)

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