Disc Brake Schooling with CJ

With our recent move into selling Electric Bikes here at the www.CampfireCycling.com, we’ve been boning up on both our electric bike skills as well as some of our out dated bike mechanic skills. Those of us handling the bike wrenching around here, Stu and I came into cycling during the 1990’s mountain biking boom when caliper brakes were the standard. Since than, both of us have tended to stick with caliper brakes on our personal bikes while disc brakes have slowly been creeping in as the new norm.With our electric bike lineup, there was no longer any option to avoid disc brakes. Almost every e-bike that we brought in had them. One day I finally told Stu, that we needed to move beyond our narrow focus on caliper brakes and accept the dominance of rotor stopping power.So we called up the best bike mechanic in town that we knew CJ of Flagstaff Bike Revolution for some schooling. And he taught us good. Along with being an astounding bike mechanic and shop owner, CJ teaches courses in bike mechanics for the local university.

Facing the Caliper Mounts
Basic Tools for Disc Brake Adjustments
Lining up the Caliper

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