T1 Dirty Old Monkey Bike Cargo Trailer

Shopping for a new suitcase? Or maybe you are shopping for a new bike trailer? This might be your all in one solution. We’ve had one of these kicking around the shop for awhile and I figured I should post up something about it to see if we could stir up some interest. This is a product being manufactured in Taiwan and I don’t think they’ve yet achieved any US distribution. They’ve a fixed a Eurobike award logo to their images, so perhaps they are making some headway with getting the trailer available into Europe.

While I really like the concept of a bike trailer designed for easy traveling and conversion between suitcase and bike trailer mode, I’m skeptical about the execution. The tiny 10″ wheels are a bit bouncy. The two positions of the wheels is really quite clever and with some refinement, could likely be made into a solid system. We all enjoy the Dirty Old Monkey logo around the office though are a bit confused what message this is trying to portray. It does achieve the affect of being memorable.

From the manufacturer:
“The T1 is a very nice bit of kit to have around its a stylish, baggage-handler-proof suitcase which you can easily wheel instead of carry. In fact its so good as a rather over-engineered suitcase that it might even appeal to customers who will never use its cycling functions. Its also a good-sized, well-behaved bike trailer. The small wheels roll surprisingly well, and by adjusting the ride height so that the weight is very low down, its remarkably stable. On rough roads a trailer with bigger wheels would be preferable, but I think you could even take it touring if you stick to mainly smooth surfaces.”

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