Tom's Original Issue BOB Trailer and Bag

Our pal Tom from Indiana submitted his photo of his original BOB Trailer, which he still uses regularly.

The first BOB’s had extra cross members on the fork and the trailer wheels support and and one less tube on the cargo area. The BOB Fork and Pin closure system had a big upgrade along the way, but the overall design has remain largely in tact and become a tried and true standard for bike touring and utility cycling purposes. The original BOB bag shown here was quickly outmoded and replaced with the rugged and waterproof BOB DrySAK. And of course the BOB Ibex came along to better serve the off-roading use of the BOB Trailer with its plush suspension ride. We’ve gotten in on the mix a bit with our lineup of Wandertec Accessories for the BOB Trailer.

Tom’s Message:

I heard Josh Lipton on “The Outspoken Cyclist” podcast yesterday. Very interesting to see your product line. I have been commuting to work for over 25 years. I have a bob trailer that I’ve used on overnight camping trips.Great to see all the options that are available for trailers. Hope to consider the purchase of some Ortlieb Bags some day when I plan my cross country trip. In the meantime I’ll keep focused on your site for new products Best Regards, Tom from Madison, Indiana.

I wanted to share with you a picture of my first camping ride in 2008 using my trailer. I should have had some more weight on the front, but the trailer worked out well. Also in 1995 I spearheaded a grassroots group to build a multi-use trail in our community. Since the trail has been built I have been thinking of how I could adapt some type of carrying add-on to my trailer so I could carry a couple rakes, shovels and misc tools on the trail to do some maintenance. If you have something available that I could consider using please let me know.”

Note: With Tom’s interest in using a BOB for trail work, I pointed out the following post: BOB Trailers: Interesting Uses Part 2 with a custom tool rack setup.


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