Dennis’s PVC Bike Trailer Concept Realized

There is something quite appealing about the look of this PVC bike cargo trailer. It just looks so clean and toy like. It almost looks like candy. Either way it is an inspired way to put together a bike trailer from low cost readily available materials. I wonder how it rides and deals with a heavy load compared to something much more stout like the Wandertec BONGO.

“Hello my name is Dennis and I wanted to come up with an inexpensive trailer to haul items with my bicycle. I used to ride my bike to work everyday and I would occasionally want to haul items that were too big to carry on my bike. After looking at many home made trailers on the internet I came up with another PVC trailer. I created a set of plans that can be purchased for $15. The plans show photos of how to assemble and a detailed parts list of all the components purchased from Home Depot. Parts cost is around $70 with tax. Does not include wheels and tires. You can use a used front and rear wheel set from an old bike.”

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