Bringing out the Big Guns at the 2011 Hullabalo

Last weekend Flagstaff had its 2nd annual Hullabalo. Campfire Cycling made our 2nd appearance, this year bringing out the big guns and offering Free Campfire Cycling T-Shirts for signing up for our newsletter. While last year we dragged a ton of gear out to show off what we are all about. This year, we simplified thing a bit, focusing on the T-Shirts and just bringing a small sampling of stuff from each of our 3 specialty shops.We also brought out a couple of models from our electric bike lineup, the Hebb Electroglide 500 (retails for $2199) and a A2B Velociti (also for $2199). These were a big hit and we got to spend quite a bit of time answering questions like does pedaling it charge the battery? (In most cases it doesn’t and if it does this is effectively slowing the bike down, something you generally don’t want to do).

Our Programmer Frank Showing off his "Digging" Muscles
Lining up for the Free T-Shirt

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