Commute by Tyke: Child Trailers

Bike commuting is fine for you, but I have kids who I need to take to daycare every morning.

Oh Mama, are we ready with a comeback to that one.

Child bike trailers aren’t just for towing your spawn to the playground on weekends. Many owners of child trailers use them daily as parents drop their kids off at daycare, or kindergarten–even up to the first grade as long as you watch those trailer weight limits.

Chariot Cougar 2
Dad pulls a Chariot Cougar 2

Have I ever pulled a child trailer? No.

Am I shilling for my employer? Absolutely.

Spawn of Megan in a Chariot Cougar 1

However, my co-worker, Megan, runs her daughter to childcare everyday–making her round-trip commute 20 miles instead of one mile.

The fact that Megan uses a Chariot Cougar 1 trailer tells me something.

The fact that this trailer has survived trips and tours to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Korea, and Japan tells me that it’s probably good enough for your kid’s commute to childcare.

Megan is in the industry, and knows child bike trailers. Furthermore, she has an uncanny eye for detail and quality.

Sometimes I hand her a product that I think I’ve gotten to know, and I ask her what she sees. Invariably she will point out refinements in the features, stitching, etc. that I never would have noticed.

Last year, at Interbike, the Bike industry’s annual North American mega trade show, we were still figuring out how to turn on our video camera. I handed her a microphone and had her run down a Croozer Kid For 2 trailer–a model she’d only seen for the first time minutes earlier.

Watch her go.

Below is Megan with her Chariot trailer on the kick-off ride for Bike to Work Week. She leaves the trailer at her childcare location, and picks it up at the end of the day.

Chariot Cougar 1
Megan about to pull her baby five miles in her Chariot Cougar 1

Alright, you’re thinking, So Megan is some kind of bike commuting superhero. You can’t expect a mere mortal to do what she does.

Next time you are passing by a daycare center during business hours, take a look around. You might see a child trailer locked up and waiting for some kid’s mom or dad to come pedaling up at the end of the day.

There can’t be that many superheros around. Commute by Tyke.

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