Bike to Work Week 2011 Begins

We kicked off Bike to Work Week by visiting and participating in a bike swap and parade held by our local bike advocacy organization.

The bike swap was basically a bike-specific swap meet. Nirvana for DIY mechanics, bargain hunters, and bike nerds. I took some video and added some uplifting music to make it seem even more fun than it was.

  • 0:04 The Campfire Cycling booth, with an enormous amount of cycling detritus juxtaposed with shiny new e-bikes.
  • 0:23 Flagstaff Biking Organization selling helmets for $10.
  • 0:37 An accordion player on the back of a tandem. And you can hear me panting as I chase them down the street.
  • 1:07 The Bike Parade comes into focus with kids leading the way–learning to claim the lane at a young age.
  • 1:48 A tall bike, and several inexplicably green cyclists, followed by…
  • 1:53 Our publisher, Josh Lipton, pulling an Advert Bike Trailer.

Here are some photos of the event:

A2B Metro with Tail Fins
Pete Prebus of Electric Bike Report arrived with two frames to sell. Or were they tail fins?
Schwinn Frame
My first Schwinn for $10. Fulfilling a lifelong dream.
Trailer Cycle
I've got to wonder whether the princess fairy dress was what it took to convince this kid to join in.
Green Man
Persuading your coworkers to commute by bike? Don't wear spandex... or this.

And this morning there was a commuter ride starting at City Hall at 6 AM, featuring inspiring speakers. I assume they were inspiring; I was hitting the snooze button when this photo was taken by Josh:

City Hall
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your gears...

More photos of the events are on our Facebook page.

How did your community launch Bike to Work Week?

Got photos? Send me a message and let me know about them.

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