Back on the horse that throwed me

I read a lot of stories of what motivates people to commute, or simply to bike. A frequent theme is people saying how much the love being on a bike. I feel a little jealous. I don’t know if I really love biking as much as other people do.

2010 Mercury Grand Marquis 4 Door Sedan
My weekend ride. Sun City, here I come!

Among my motivations for cycling, health, the environment, and cost savings weigh heavily. The joy of cycling is a distant fourth place.

I checked out of the hospital on Saturday. (Hospital? What? Click here.) My left leg in a brace, I was directed not to operate a clutch. So I rented a car with automatic transmission to get me through the weekend. Since I can’t bend my left leg, I asked for the cheapest car with the biggest door. What I got was a Mercury Grand Marquis.

A2B Metro
The horse

After two days of using that boat to get around, I realized that my fourth-place motivation is not so distant as I’d thought.

I can truly say, I really like riding a bike.

So much so that yesterday I decided to get back on the horse that throwed me: The A2B Metro. I decided that this e-bike would be my commuter wheelchair until I can bend my knee again.

After work, I hopped on the A2B, straight-legged, and started home.

When I’d gone half-a-mile, the battery died.

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