Ohm Electric Sport Bicycle in the Spring Snow

Last week I was getting familiar with an Ohm Electric Sport Bicycle. As Ted mentioned over at CommuteByBike.com a part of bike commuting often involves finding efficient short cuts. While a light weight/skinny tire commuter bike may be more efficient on smooth roads, in many areas a more off-road capable commuter will end up getting you around quicker.A shortcut from my house saves me about a quarter of a mile in looping back on the main road. The path is quite rough for about 100 yards and is a great test for the variety of commuter and electric bikes I’ve been testing.Needless to say, the Ohm Sport XS750 does great off-road with it 26″ wheels, 26″x2″ Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires and comfortable upright handlebar positioning. The Magura Menja MM85XC Fork and Suntour Suspension Seatpost make it a smooth ride down the bumpy trail.Once on the open road, the Ohm gets me into work quickly with the integrated BionX Electric Assist powering me along. I like the idea of a more rugged commuter bike that offers added confidence and control on-road and off with an electric assist system more than making up for the extra weight and slower tires.Look for our complete review of the Ohm over at CommuteByBike.com in the coming months.

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