Leon Mccarron – The Cycling Reporter – Completes 14,000 Mile Adventure

Leon Mccarron completed his epic tour on March 5th in Honk Kong having ridden 14,000 miles from New York. Leon is a film maker who decided to set out on this bicycle tour with the goal of plenty of video and film along the way. The tagline of his voyage “1 rule – I can’t turn down an interview”.

Leon’s tour took him across the US, through New Zealand and Australia, then through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong. Leon wrapped up the journey with a final leg from Paris to London. Leon’s rig was laden down with HD video equipment, a tripod, a mic and all of the equipment necessary to store and upload what he captured.

We were excited by the opportunity to help outfit Leon’s tour, providing a Wandertec BONGO bike trailer and a full set of Ortlieb panniers to transport all of this video equipment not to mention all of the essential camping gear, clothing and food and water.

Leon’s photo gallery offers up an amazing collection of images from around the world. Have a look at his YouTube channel with some samples of his video which I’m sure will be growing now that he is home with time to do some video editing. And scroll down on the home page of Leon’s site to see his stories and reports about his epic adventure.


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