Floating Parking & Bike Buffer Zones

This video from Streetfilms explains the concept of “floating parking” and how it creates buffer zones for cyclists to ride in between the parking and the sidewalk. Floating parking can be safer for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists alike. Gary Toth narrates the film, and at the end, he expresses an interesting idea of how popular notions of what is acceptable in terms of transportation change over time and slowly become accepted by the general population. I think that his comment is pretty “right-on”, and I would expand it to say that over time, as more and more people ride their bicycles for transportation, it will become more and more “accepted” by the general public. The same goes for bicycle infrastructure, etc. So the message here: keep on riding!“Floating Parking” & Bike Buffer Zone in Separated Bike Lanes from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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