Free T-Shirts!

bike-shop-hub-t-shirt-mens-royal-front-close-up-stockWhat could be better then owning one of the new, cool, stylish Campfire Cycling designer T-shirts? Getting one for free! With the purchase of select bicycle cargo trailers and Ortlieb panniers you get a free Campfire Cycling men’s or women’s T-shirt. These great shirts feature the Campfire Cycling logo and come in a variety of colors. These aren’t some lame, fits good if you are shaped like a square T-shirt. I’m very picky about my T-shirt fit and you can take my word that the colors and the fit are spot on!

bike-shop-hub-t-shirt-mens-charcoal-front-stockNow you can still purchase one of these shirts by them selves, which I would highly recommend, but why buy one when you can have one for free. The Current promotion includes Croozer Cargo, Croozer Travel, Croozer Dog, Croozer Mini, Carry Freedom City, Extrawheel Voyager, Extrawheel Advert, Radical Designs Cyclone III Cargo, Radical Designs Cyclone III Flatbed, Wandertec BONGO LG, Wandertec BONGO LG, Weber Monoporter and the Xtracycle Cargo Kit. I know right, so many opportunities to get a great bike trailer with a free shirt. But wait, there’s more. Because we can, we are also offering a free Campfire Cycling T-shirt with the purchase of Ortlieb Plus Pannier as well as the Ortlieb Bike Tourer Panniers and the new 2010 commuting panniers, the Ortlieb City, Downtowner and Vario.

bike-shop-hub-t-shirt-womens-sky-back-close-up-stockThe Campfire Cycling T-shirt features our new logo reflecting our vision that the bicycle is a vehicle through which humanity can discover harmony and prosperity throughout the planet. Our slogan “The Road is Yours” speaks to the necessity that cyclists take ownership of the road in a variety of

The men’s come in small, medium, large and extra-large available in deep blue a graphite gray. The women’s also come in small, medium, and large but with a different cut more flattering to the female figure available in lavender and sky blue. So don’t wait around, get your self into a great cargo trailer or some Ortlieb panniers for your next tour and have a great looking shirt to wear at the same time.

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