Open Data in Transit

Streetfilms recently posted a new video called A Case for Open Data in Transit, which makes the case for having data about transit be free and open to the public, much like weather data is, in order to take advantage of the current capacities of Web 2.0. Basically, it boils down this: if transit data is free and open, developers can take the information and make some really cool apps for the general public to use the data. This is a good thing, because it encourages openness, transparency, and even a potentially more streamlined transportation system.

Although this video focuses specifically on data in transit, it has a lot of application to the world of utility cycling, as well. Many utility cyclists and bike commuters utilize public transit as part of their commute or as an alternative. Whatever the case, open data in transit can help utility cycling as well, because that data can be used to make more useful apps for cycling and walking.

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