A Street Sign Reborn

If you have ever wondered what to do with all those old street signs that you stole as an adolescent we’ve got and idea for you. Robert sent us some pictures and a short story about his DIY bike cargo trailer that he created.

Robert officially named his project as the dog/hauler build. He came up with his own quick disconnect bike mount (unfortunately we don’t have any pictures of the mount). One of the best parts of seeing all the different DIY bike trailer creations is the ingenious types of hitch designs and mounts that people have come up with.

If I understand Robert’s story correctly he mounted his custom designed bike mount to the tonneau cover of his pickup truck which clips right into he tailgate latches, which Robert said is very secure. He is able to fit the trailer between both bikes on the truck for a nice secure snug fit. Robert points out that the bases for his cargo trailer is a recycled aluminum street sign.

Based on the photos that Robert sent us,   it looks like his trailer has the capacity to carry a large Rubbermaid type container, great for hauling any kind of cargo, including dogs if need be . Thanks for the photos and the story Robert, keep up the good work. This is Bob’s third submission, following up his DIY dog trailer and the “blue” trailer. For a non DIY bike cargo option, check out a Wandertec Bongo Bike Trailer or a Croozer Cargo Bike Trailer.

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