Extrawheel Sale and New ExtraWheel 29er Forks


Now thru July 19th the Bike Trailer Shop is offering 5% off the purchase of any Extrawheel bicycle trailer and 10% off related accessories combined with the purchase. This includes the Extrawheel Voyager for $199, quite possibly the best off-road bike cargo trailer available and the Extrawheel Advert for $285, bringing pedal power to advertising.

extrawheel-advert-trailer-with-german-advertisementInspiring the sale, we have received the long awaited Voyager 29er forks. The best off-road trailer just got better. Tthe Voyager is a nimble trailer with either a full sized 26″ or 700c wheel. For the 29er crowd, we recommend the 700c wheel which is the same diameter rim as a 29er but with a smaller tire. Even for mountain biking, a smaller diameter, smooth tire is ideal.

When it comes to off-road bicycle touring the Voyager can’t be beat. The narrow profile coupled with the weight centered around the hub of the trailer wheel allows the Voyager to maneuver tight single-track like no other bike trailer can. Set up a 700c Voyager with a 29er and you wont even notice the bumps. The Voyager is a perfect set-up for Continental Divide or the Trans-Rocky or just for those looking for a trailer that won’t hold you back.

The Extrawheel Voyager was recently reviewed by Bicycle Times, check out what they had to say. The Extrawheel Expert Panniers make a great waterproof addition to the Voyager or mount some Ortlieb Back Roller Classics to the Voyagers universal mounting design. For all you Surly Pugsley riders don’t fret, the Bike Trailer Shop also carries Voyager and Advert forks to Fit your extra wide needs. All Extrawheel trailers will fit just about any rear hub whether is is a threaded axle or a quick release.

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