Back-on-Bike for Spring, Burley Trailer SALE!

July 17th Update: and’s final Burley Trailer sale of 2010 is going on now!ALL Burley Cargo, Child & Pet Trailers are 10% off thru August 10th

Summer is almost here, and I know I’m itching to put lots of miles on my bike for the season.The Campfire Cycling makes it easy to enjoy that o’ so fantastic biking weather with a Burley sale, offering high quality Burley products at a discounted price from now until June 7th. Not only are ALL Burley Trailers 10% off, but when you purchase multiple items, you get an additional 10% off of the accessory items. Throw in the standard free shipping with purchase of any trailer, and you’ve saved enough to get some additional bike bling, or that upgraded iphone you’ve been eying.For the Tourer or CommuterMaybe you have a long tour scheduled this summer, or maybe you gave up your 4-wheeled gas hog for your 2-wheeled work horse. No matter what the situation, the Burley Cargo Trailers are beefy and reliable for carrying heavy loads, with the advantage of being lightweight as well. The Nomad is one of our most popular trailers, because of the fact that it is very versatile and easy to use. It has a large packing enclosure which works great for groceries or for camping gear. It’s easy to add cargo space too with the Burley Nomad Cargo Rack.Another trailer which warrants many possibilities is the Burley Flatbed. Since this trailer has a flat bed without an enclosure, it is great for hauling large, oblong items like fishing poles or wood.Our showcase trailer this season is the well anticipated Burley Travoy Trailer. This trailer folds like origami paper. It’s great for people who like to go on self-supported tours overseas. The trailer collapses to no bigger than a woman’s large hand bag, and quickly unfolds to perform it’s trailering duties. It’s off the plane, and off you go!For the Family BikerPack up the whole family for fun in the sun with the Burley Child Trailers. Burley made lots of nice changes for the 2010 model child trailers. With an height-adjustable handlebar for strolling, a telescoping hitch arm, and sunshades with better coverage, your child will enjoy the adventure as much as you do.For just biking, the new 2010 model Burley Bee lets you roll with one or two children. The next step up is the Burley Encore which has a more comfy interior, and multiple Burley Accessory Kit options. For the best, roll with the Burley D’Lite or the Burley Cub. These trailers have all of the most plush features and details, including suspension for dampening bumps on those gravely trails.Only need to carry one tot around? The 2010 Burley Solo is made for just that. A versatile trailer, compatible with all of the Burley Accessory Kits, you can pretty much walk, roll, or ski over any terrain. For a deeper discount, you can check out the 2009 Burley Solo ST. This trailer comes with a Burley Stroller Kit, and is on clearance to make room for the new model.For the Animal LoverWant to bring you favorite pet along for the ride? The Burley Tail Wagon lets you tour with your special Fido (or even Feline I suppose!). This trailer has great venting, and the equivalent of rolling down a window to let your doggie stick his head out and enjoy the weather. The Accessory options for this trailer like the Critter Compartment, which puts a barrier between your pet and cargo, and the Trailer Kickstand, make it easier to carry your gear and pet gear.There’s a little something for everyone at the Campfire Cycling, so come along and join the ride!

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