Diamond Plated Beauty

George sent us some pictures and a brief story about his recently created DIY trailer. George has been living car free since June 2009 and commutes to work on his bike. The majority of his daily 18 mile round trip commute is on bike trails but he wanted a bike cargo trailer to do grocery shopping and have the extra carrying capacity for things his bike alone couldn’t handle.

George conducted some thorough research and decided that the ready made trailers on the market weren’t for him, so he opted to build his own using the Wike DIY trailer kit. He added a little extra bling with a piece of 1/10″ thick aluminum diamond tread brite plate. George constructed the side railing out of 1″ black anodized aluminum tubing and nylon connectors. The overall size of the trailer bed is 2’x4′ and can hold at least a month of groceries, tools, and the kitchen sink.

Despite its industrial look George says that it’s not so heavy that it is a chore to haul around and that overall he is very happy with the out come. Here’s a great example of a DIY project trailer that turned out functional and looks great. The links that George provided for his project were.




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