Review : Cutter Tech Knickerbocker

Cutter Tech Knickerbocker

Cutter Tech Knickerbocker

MSRP : $149.99
Details : A very stretchy, comfortable knicker that was designed for those that pedal more than stand.

In December we were gifted with a pair of Cutter Tech Knickerbockers.   The material is pretty thin so we weren’t able to start testing these out until about a month ago.   Since being able to use them, they have quickly become one of my go to pants to wear commuting, at work or even wrenching on the bike at home.

It is All in the Fabric

Stretch, durability and light weight.   The perfect combination for a cycling short that doubles as a casual pair of knickers….   These knickers remind me close to the famous Chrome knickers but in a lighter weight material for spring/summer/fall use in the south where I reside..   Light weight yet a outer coat of durability to help where on your saddle or between your legs.   The fabric has almost too much stretch as bent over in the drops causes the waist band to expand and pull over my rear.

The fitting of the knickers is unique with a built in knee bend which is very comfortable riding, feels a bit weird standing up..   As a girl they look fine on me, but if I was a guy I would be worried they are too tight/snug in the knee area.

Details at the Heart

The knickers have details of someone that rides, they thought through the design and I thank them for that.

  • Reinforced crotch
  • Pockets for pens/moleskins or a large wallet
  • A loop for keys/U-Lock safety

Final Conclusion and Thoughts

For $149.99 these aren’t the cheapest knicker on the market but they have all the thoughts and added details that one would expect.   Cutter is a small brand backed by a big company so their customer service/warranty should be top notch.

Fit, for me
This product is often featured on sale on or various sites owned by Backcountry

The color is a brownish/black.   I feel like it is faded but it is the true color
Price, $150 for a knicker is a good chunk of change.

Cutter Tech Knickerboker online

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